Personal Security

Personal security concerns are major barriers that limit the participation of women as drivers and riders. Ride-hailing companies alone cannot solve the security challenges facing women when traveling, especially alone or at night. However, by working closely with other stakeholders, such as law enforcement and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), they could continue to reduce threats for women. Possible options include the following: 

• Better educate both drivers and riders regarding the security features already embedded in their apps

• Continuously innovate to bring the latest security technology to their apps • Engage more closely with app users to better understand the nature and impact of security incidents

Internal Operations

Finally, ride-hailing companies could examine their own operations through a gender lens to assess whether their internal commitments to a diverse and inclusive workforce are strong enough to drive external change. Examples include:

• Tailor marketing communications to be more inclusive • Consider how to collect sex-disaggregated data to understand how to better serve women • Work with third parties to formulate industrywide best practices and recommendations Ride-hailing companies need to take the lead on building services and operations that would allow women and men to benefit equally from their apps. However, many of the recommendations will be best realized through cooperation with other companies and stakeholders on a precompetitive basis.